2 Ways To Get More New Sales For Your Online Business

If you want to really succeed online, think email list marketing. The usual route for marketers is to use an optin form, or widget, on a sidebar panel. Of course there are lots who use a landing page, or squeeze page, to do this. Of course list building can be done in many ways. And for quite a while, the use of popups has been extremely effective for list building. One business that offers a unique kind of popup script is Exit Splash.

If you have 15 sales, some of these customers will want more advanced training with you and you’ll need to have them ready to sell. If you don’t, the problem is that they will go to someone else to buy the training.

Step 4 – More commitment in time and dollars. Could be a one-time seminar (Price around $50-$100), or a seminar over several weeks ($100 to $250). It could be an “Intro to coaching” where you have 10-100 people attending over 3-4 weeks ($100 to $250). It could also be a bigger e-book ($75 to $100), or written information captured from a live seminar.

Have a mastermind group – Having a group of “like minded people” to bounce ideas off of and share successes with is critical. You will not be successful to a high degree doing everything by your self. A solid mastermind group will meet on a regular basis and will help all members succeed. If you can get integrated into a solid mastermind group, your chances for success are significantly better that working all by yourself.

Share don’t sell – If you can help the person your are working with, you can share what you have. You really don’t need to sell when you have a real solution to a person’s problems. The fit will be apparent, and sales will happen naturally. When you have taken your prospects this far through your funnel, you do not want to taint the prospect by using “hard sales” techniques. They are just not needed.

SECOND: So as you can probably guess by the training that Jonathan Budd and the Empowered Entrepreneurs provide the setup of the system is a snap. They have designed the Online MLM Mastermind System so that you could spend a few hours and have it up and running. Having an entire click funnels review set up and running in the matter of a few hours make it very time efficient.

After getting people to click on your PPC ad, you will want to generate a lead. The best way to do this is by leading people to a “squeeze page”. A squeeze page is simply a webpage that is designed to get you a lot of opt-in leads. With these opt-in leads, you can follow up on them over and over again via your email autoresponder.

So take my advice and spend your marketing dollars on creating direct response campaigns designed to attract and retain your ideal customers and leave that image stuff to the big spenders.

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2 Ways To Get More New Sales For Your Online Business

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