Gadget Updates: The Playstation Mobile Is Up

The latest Mobile Phone news to hit India is the launch of the new HTC Aria which features a 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen which also has HTC Sense, it supports 3G HSDPA, for navigation it supports GPS, it also features a 5 megapixel camera, and is powered by the Android 2.1 OS with access to over 50,000 apps to choose from. With HTC’s own Friend Stream app, one can now know what’s new and what’s happening on with your friends with latest updates from Facebook and Twitter, without having to actually log in to Facebook or Twitter.

If you want to teach your child to be less spoiled and selfish, set a good example yourself. Do you really need to buy the latest tech news, much less the new “must have”, ultra high priced car? Children notice expensive, impulse purchases on their part of their parents and will, in turn, think they need to have the latest and best.

No one expects you to know everything. At least, they shouldn’t. Because it’s particularly impossible in the tech world. But if you have the time, here are the 10 Best Tech Blogs you can read to educate yourself, pick up a few tech words, and not get a brain cramp.

What is the process of designing a watch? It actually doesn’t start with the watch. It starts with the person or people I am looking to design for. The watch is the LAST thing I think about when designing. You start with the person or the group of people and then you start thinking about what can be meaningful for that group of people. Then you get the black box kind of art of design comes in. When Josh designed his Analog/Digital watchit struck a chord within the watch community, which is when the black box of design kicked in. You have so many elements that go into the watch and so many choices to go from and from there you build it. With me I try to strip as much as possible from the dial and keep it very simple to have more of an emotional connection with the group I am designing for.

I really enjoyed my interview with Vanja and I can tell you this when I make it down to the shop I am going to go down there with some big pockets so I can have some really great watches to better accessorize my attire. The Cadence WatchCompany really does have some great designs when it comes to watches and they will be a company I will keep my eyes on with the Josh Chadwick designwhen that comes out as well as the rest of their watches.

Mass Storage Besides an alternate power source, it’s compatible with Bluetooth devices, MP3’s, GPS devices, USB portable devices and eReaders. It offers storage and transfer capability for data and media sharing and protection. It works as a backup battery, flash drive, data cable and charging cable for practically any mobile device-all in one compact little unit.

When did you start to realize that you couldn’t find an adequate stroke counter for rowing and what were you first steps in creating one? I was itching at the time to start a business. I looked at a bunch of ideas and applying for small business loans and grants but a lot of my ideas were so far from realization. At the time I was doing some research on some focus groups and then I started using a Palm Pilot for the focus groups and then I realized I could use the Palm Pilot as a stroke counter and it would be cheaper than the competitor. Then I figured why does it have to be in the cockpit and not on the ore? Next thing you know I figure you can put the Palm Pilot on the ore and put a tilt switch and display on there as well and you have that “AH HA” moment.

Entertainment on this mobile is exalted by the presence of the music player and FM radio. File formats such as MP3, MPEG4, WMV and AAC are accessible on the player. The FM radio brings the world of entertainment to this gadget. News and musical programs are additional services that are provided by the various FM radio channels. The mobile has 100 MB shared memory and extra memory can also be added to it. The battery gives a standby of 430 hrs and a talk time of 4 hrs. Connectivity is enhanced with options such as GPRS, EGDE, Bluetooth and USB port.

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Gadget Updates: The Playstation Mobile Is Up

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