Plan Your Estate Now – Rest In Peace Later

Are you looking for IRS debt relief? Maybe you have heard stories of how powerful the IRS is. These are the initial fears of most persons when they first owe a large amount of money to the IRS.

Split trusts to save taxes. If mom and dad have over $1.5 million in their estate, including the life insurance, retirement money, and business, they should either have an individual trust for each or have a trust that “splits” into two trusts when the first one of them dies. This shields up to $3 million from estate taxes that eat away at a family’s wealth.

In case you want your agent to take care only of a couple of things, you probably do not need a General صيانة شاشات بريما. Not to mention that you have the power to determine how restrictive or broad your document should be.

A check is a “third-party withdrawal.” It has more in common with the withdrawal slips sitting on the bank counter than it does with actual cash. The difference between the promise to pay and actual payment opens a wide number of holes for con artists to slip through.

End-of-Life decisions. No one wants to make life or death decisions. An informed decision is better than one where you have no idea what the loved one wanted. No one should ever have to guess and then live with that guess. It is up to each of us to decide to what extent we want medical personnel to extend our lives. Talk about it with your family and get it in writing.

Your parents have insurance cards. Great! Now…are they current on the premiums? If you don’t see a recent invoice showing the insurance has been paid current, call the insurance company and find out if the payments are current, how much they are, when are they due, and how they should be paid. Also, have they been paying for Medicare Part D or a prescription drug insurance plan? Check the mail, payments from the bank accounts, social security statements, etc.

Use your faith and the power of your words to access His grace and favor. Refuse to talk the problem when God’s grace has already given you every answer in His Word. Refuse to let this world’s system dictate your life. Take your place – the place He created for you. Stand in your power. Choose what happens by your faith and the words you speak. Why would you choose to accept the world’s ways, when God’s grace is so much better?

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Plan Your Estate Now – Rest In Peace Later

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