Starting Your Own Game Room

A Halloween costume party can be a great way to keep teens out of trouble. Even when you’re dealing with teenagers, dressing up in costume can be fun. And frankly, costumes may end up being a lot more creative with a teen crowd. Offer to have a contest for the best costume. Decide whether you’re going to offer a reward as well. Once all the guests have arrived, have everyone vote. The costume with the most votes wins.

You could also stock the closet or storage space with card games and board games to satisfy all the members of your family. Then, invite friends and extended kin over for game nights each week.

Many people are very comfortable playing on a one inch thick table because the bounce is very even. People believe that the thicker a table is, the better the bounce. Very true. But a 0.75 inch table is not bad and will give you a reasonable bounce. A one inch table is preferred because that is the table people grow up playing, especially at the community center or at tournament level. I have a one inch Stiga under $500 at home because I grew up playing with them at school tournaments.

After a tour of the Mountain Music Lounge, Stewart takes me into her office and shows me a Box Set that Michael Franti gave her when he was in town this past month for Bumbershoot. Stewart’s walls are adorned with some amazing mementos of some of her journeys. A framed Nora Jones platinum record sits comfortably behind her desk. She has an autographed photo of David Gray, Duffy, and a backstage pass from the tonight show. On her desk are a lot of fun little toys including a “Jack Bauer Doll (24), with gun, that she playfully points at me as I take a photo of her. (I guess “Jack” dosn’t like the paparazzi). Her office and office wall is the home of many other treasures that she has saved and cherishes and any music fan would envy.

The most common piece of furniture one might find in a game room is a pool table. While the shape of a pool table is standard, the sizes are not. There are regulation size pool tables which can be as large as 8 foot long and then you have your smaller than regulation tables which are usually 6 or 7 feet in length. As for the material pool tables are made of, most of them are made of wood but the type of wood can vary greatly and because of this, the price of the tables themselves can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If you are friends with some of the other parents, you might want to invite them for support. It is always good to have more adult input when you have a bunch of teenagers hanging around.

Make sure the net clamps of the table have a soft padding under them so that they do not cause any scratch marks on the table. The clamps should also not dig into the underside of the table. Finally, check out the 30-23 rule on your Stiga ping pong table. Drop a ping pong ball from a height of 30 cm anywhere on the table and it should bounce back to about 23 cm. This 23 cm bounce should be even on parts of the table and you can be pretty sure you have one of the best quality tables.

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