The Night I Went To The Academy Awards

A world-class collection of classic cars are on display this week at the 53rd annual San Francisco International Auto Show November 20th through the 28th. The first vintage cars visitors will see are located at the bottom of the escalator leading into the show. Two small cars, a BMW Issetta and a 1954 Volkswagon, are just a small taste of what lies in the main room to the right. Elegantly staged on red carpet, over thirty rare classic cars are available to view.

Then came the 4 day Education for Life event. I knew I wanted to go into share trading, but needed help (and lots of it) to know when, what and where to put my hard earned money into with as little risk as humanly possible.

Acceptance speeches are best when they are brief. This means that you’ll need to tell a short story. What kind of story to tell? In this situation, the best kind has to do with your relationship with the organization that is presenting you with the award. If you can tell a story that touches on how you came to be associated with the organization, how you know the person who nominated you, what you think about the organization, or even better what this award means to you, then you’ll have all of the material that you need to create a great acceptance speech.

For me, being lucky enough to do something I love and being able to pass on even some aspects of that to other people before I finally become worm food is enough.

You could get another top academic position. Your resume is stellar. You’ve done what was necessary steadily to move up the ladder: you’ve been dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (1980-86); vice president of academic affairs (1987-1990); you know, few better, the arcane ins and outs of the Quit 9 to 5 Academy Bonuses.

The key to getting away with your crimes though is to make sure school guards don’t see you doing it. You can locate the guards on the small map that sits to the right bottom side of the screen.

You can also visit your local library and inquire if they have the book available. After reading the book, come back here and tell us what you thought.

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The Night I Went To The Academy Awards

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