A Stop Smoking Technique That Really Works!

Smokers have different alibis when it comes to quitting. Some smokers will totally defend their addiction and will justify that nicotine is doing something good in their life. On the other hand, for those who are already suffering from the ill effects of smoking, they truly admit that smoking is bad but unfortunately they couldn’t find the easy way to quit.

So the question arises, is it worth it to stop smoking? And the answer of course is a big YES. Not only do we prolong our life, we also save our money from buying cigarettes and every cent saved is well worth the effort. Once we quit, we are also able to protect the people we love around us by not giving them harmful second hand smoke. We also protect the environment and the people in our community.

Spy cameras used to be expensive but there are probably a dozen or more that you can get several for less than $150.00 and some for fewer than one hundred dollars. There are several so-called “body worn” cameras that have a camera of course, a DVR and a mini microphone inside making them the ultimate spy device. Some examples of those are a stick hidden camera, watch, ball point pen, arome liquide lighter, sunglasses rear view mirror and a car key fob.

Repeat again and again, “Cigarettes are bad!” – To keep the message embedded in your mind, repeat your previously formulated suggestions over and over every time, from morning to night, and whenever you get some free time. This makes sure that you won’t end up smoking again and will keep you hypnotized.

The problem is that there is seemingly not a guaranteed method of smoking cessation that will work for anyone and everyone. However, I can share with you a few tips and strategies that have worked for me.

Experts will be the first to tell you that the method you choose to quit smoking is not as important as how determined you are to succeed. If your determination is high then you are already off to a great start!

Addiction therapy works to reeducate you about your addiction, how it works and how it has enslaved you. It teaches you how to break the vicious circle of smoke, quit, crave, smoke again, quit etc.

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A Stop Smoking Technique That Really Works!

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